Hi! Discover your neighbourhood


Update: #KINGEASTROCKS seem to not like to stay in one place – so the hunt is a little less obvious! To help repopulate some of the relocated rocks, a new batch will make it’s way out into KENA after Porch View Dances with King East Neighbourhood Association.

(Since they have been moved, it no longer makes sense to try to find them all – nor for us to post hints as to where they may have been left. It will be interesting to see where they move to though!)


Have you seen these rocks around KENA? There are currently 14 of them placed conspicuously around areas where we have seen our community gathering – places like little libraries, the market, churches, and busy neighbourhood homes. You are invited to try to find all 14 Hi! rocks, look for the number on the rock, and share your pictures, including #KINGEASTROCKS to our Facebook, or email them to us (and let us know if you wish to share them or not).

#KINGEASTROCKSSo, what’s the endgame here? Well, it is a big neighbourhood party of course! On October 21 from 2-4pm we will have a #KINGEASTROCKS rock painting party. Everyone is invited to join us and decorate rocks with what they love about their community or values they would like to share with their neighbours. And, as a bonus, if you find all 14 rocks, you will be entered into a draw for a door prize (tbd).

If you are feeling inspired, you are also encouraged to leave other painted rocks alongside the ‘Hi!’ rocks with greetings in other languages.