Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

Update Fall 2016: We have some Watches fully set-up on several streets, and some still going through the process. To sign onto your Neighbourhood Watch, you must have the name of your Captain and visit Waterloo Regional Neighbourhood Watch webpage.

Dane, Crescent, or Borden, your watch Captain is Dan Koegler.
Pandora, your watch Captain is Jennifer Adams.
Betzner or Cameron, your watch Captain is Angela Spitale

If you are interested in signing up as a Captain on other streets in the Neighbourhood, please contact WRNW, and let us know as well so we can help out!

Waterloo Regional Neighbourhood Watch

Community partners in safety.


As part of having a safe and healthy community, KENA is working to set up Neighbourhood Watches for its residential streets. This is a great way to work positively and constructively with the police and to connect you with your neighbours.

The more households we have involved, the more effective the Neighbourhood Watch is. Commitment is minimal; you become a watch member simply by giving your information to the police. If you observe a crime, just contact the police. You will be informed of crimes in your neighbourhood automatically by phone message or email. We are watching out for each other.

Each street needs a Watch Captain before sign-up can begin. The Watch Captain is responsible for training and education of the neighbours, and is the contact liaison. They will also be in charge of organizing canvasing in the spring to recruit households in their area. We already have Watch Captains for some, but not all, streets in KENA.

If you are interested in participating as a Member or as a Watch Captain, please contact us.

For more information, please visit the Waterloo Regional Neighbourhood Watch webpage.