The Bashful Butterfly

The Bashful Butterfly

Social Committee

“The Bashful Butterfly” Neighbourhood Game


The KENA “Bashful Butterfly” game is the Social Committee’s first initiative. The goal of this game is to build stronger connections with our neighbours. What better way to do this then to have some fun playing a neighbourhood wide game together, and share in a whimsical neighbourhood secret!


kena butterfly tiny

Update: Bashful Butterflies Are Here!


Starting on May 21, 2016 the Bashful Butterfly will be hiding in your neighbourhood. There are 125 Bashful Butterflies hidden all over the KENA neighbourhood. The butterflies are placed in easy to find locations in people’s front yards.

Rather than making this game too complicated we have decided that the best way to include all KENA members is to keep it simple, fun and on-going. When you find a butterfly simply take a picture of you and the butterfly and send it to or share it to our Facebook page. We will, with your permission, post the pictures on social media and include them in our newsletter and email updates.

Feel free to move the butterfly once it is found to a new easy to spot location. Remember to be respectful of neighbours’ flower beds when you are hiding the butterflies. Each KENA member has received a KENA butterfly sticker. This sticker can be placed on a window or door once you have found a Bashful Butterfly. Let’s have fun getting to know our neighbours as we play this game; let’s generate some neighbourhood pride by displaying KENA stickers!